Redgate logo


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If you need a logo at a specific size, or are unsure which one to use, please email


This is the main Redgate logo and should be used in most cases.

Vertical / Square

When struggling with horizontal space and legibility or visibility is suffering, use this version.


Use the Gatebase logo on its own when:

  • There's no space for the logotype, e.g. a favicon
  • The word Redgate will appear in some other form e.g. on Twitter where you always have the '@redgate' account name
  • You need to be subtle, like on the front of some polo shirts


Only use the logotype on its own when it appears inside our software. We always prefer it alongside the Gatebase.

Which colour?

On light backgrounds

Use the full colour version.

On dark backgrounds or photos

Use the white version.

On photos, make sure there's enough contrast between the white logo and the photo, and that the logo doesn't cover anything important.

Spacing guidelines

Whenever possible give the logos plenty of space.

You can use the height of the 'g' as a guide for the minimum amount of space.